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Specifying Urban Wallcovering


1.1 Summary:

Contractor shall furnish, install and finish (See Paragraphs 2.1 and 3.5) flexible Wood Wallcovering as specified as part of the contract documents.

1.2 Submittals:

Contractor shall submit the following for Architect's approval — a sample of each type of wood wallcovering specified, inclusive of product name, wood species and cut and/or figure labeled on the back of each sample.

Contractor shall also submit a copy of maintenance instructions to Owner in accordance with Division 1 section "Contract Closeout."

1.3 Delivery and Storage:

a. All wood wallcovering must be delivered to the job site in the Manufacturer's packaging, properly identified and labeled.

b: Material must be stored in an undamaged condition in Manufacturer's packaging, maintained in a clean, dry, protected area where temperature and humidity remain stable and within the ranges specified by the Manufacturer.

1.4 Project Conditions:

a. Environmental Conditions: Areas to receive wood wallcovering shall be environmentally controlled by the HVAC system. Maintain a temperature range of 65° - 85° degrees Fahrenheit, with less than 50% relative humidity, for a period of not less than 4 days prior to installation and maintained thereafter.

b. Wall Conditions: Gypsum board finish shall be completed to comply with AWCI Specification, Level 4. Plaster walls shall be finished to the Architect's specification and be free of undulations and defects. Metal surfaces shall be clean, dry and smooth with a rust inhibitor applied. See general installations instructions for details.

c. Lighting: Sufficient lighting will be provided by the Contractor during the installation process. If required, temporary lighting will be provided to augment insufficient or low level permanent lighting.


2.1 Product name:

Flexible Wood Veneer Wallcovering shall consist of genuine wood veneer, bonded to multi ply paper. It shall have a protective coating of urethane sealer and finish, factory applied, to ensure the quality and help maintain the integrity of the wood veneer wallcovering. This wallcovering material may also be supplied to Contractor in a manner specified under paragraph 3.5.

Distributed by

Urban Wallcovering

2.2 Material:

Flexible Wood Veneer Wallcovering,
(Note to Specifier: Fill in applicable areas.)

(i.e. Red Oak, Sapele, etc.)


(Flat Cut - F.C., Quarter Cut - Q.C., Rift, Rotary)

(i.e. Book Match, Slip Match)



2.3 Physical Properties:

The Manufacturer certifies Urban Wallcovering Flexible Wood Veneer Wallcovering to meet the following Fire Rating Characteristics:

a: Flame Spread - 10
b: Smoke Development - 25

Testing performed by "United States Testing Company, Inc." in accordance with the specification set forth in ASTM E84.98. "Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials," both as to equipment and test procedures. This test procedure is similar to UL-723, ANSI No. 2.5, NFPA No. 255 and UBC in UBC1994 & 1997 UBC.

2.4 Adhesive:

Dynamite 111 Heavy Duty Clay-Based Wallcovering Adhesive or Professional Extra Strength (PRO-732) Wallcovering Adhesive, mfr. Romans Adhesives, Inc.


3.1 Wood veneer wallcovering shall be Applied by:

Wallcovering installers having a minimum of 3 years experience installing architectural wood wallcovering on projects of similar size and complexity to this project.

3.2 Inspection:

All jobsite conditions and wall surface areas to receive wallcovering shall be inspected by the Installer. In the event that the Installer finds conditions detrimental to the installation process, the Installer will inform, in writing, the Contractor and the Architect. Work will not proceed until conditions have been corrected and accepted by the Installer, and at no additional cost to Owner.

3.3 Surface Preparation:

a. Wall surfaces shall be clean, smooth and free from defects and imperfections as per Manufacturer's installation instructions. The moisture content of the wall will be checked with a moisture meter and installation will not proceed if the moisture content is over 7%.

b. Primers may or may not be used depending upon the wall and environmental conditions. Consult the Manufacturer's installation instructions.


3.4 Installation:

a. Wood shall be installed in strict accordance with Urban Wallcovering installation instructions. (Document #300)

b. Install three (3) sheets of wood wallcovering, inspect for material quality and proper installation. If problems occur, stop the installation and contact Urban Wallcovering before proceeding.

c. Install each sheet in sequential, numerical order.

3.5 Finishing:

I. Install as is with the standard urethane finish applied by the manufacturer.

II. If additional protection is required; apply 1-2 coats of a low to mild sheen polyurethane finish.

III. Specific stains selected by the Architect to be applied over wood must have 1-2 coats of polyurethane applied. Samples must be submitted by contractor for approval. Follow the manufacturer's staining and finishing instructions.

3.6 Clean Up and Protection:

a. Upon completion of installation, the installer will remove excess materials from the premises and leave the area in a clean and orderly condition.

b. Contractor will protect the finished wood wallcovering from damage that may occur from other trades until project has been completed.

3.7 Maintenance:

Use lint-free cloth and Murphy's Oil Soap to clean. This procedure must be done once a year using Murphy's recommended instructions.

3.8 Warranty:

Manufacture guarantees and warrants Urban Wallcovering Flexible Wood Wallcovering to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. Manufacture’s liability is limited to replacement of goods found by manufacture to be defective. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties or guarantees expressed or implied, including warranties or guarantees of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. Urban Wallcovering is not responsible for installation charges under any circumstance.