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From concert halls to accent walls, Urban Wallcovering is excited to be your online wood veneer supplier. Catering to both Commercial and Residential demographics, Urban Wallcovering is dedicated to providing designers, contractors, business owners and homeowners alike with the highest quality wood wall covering. Unlike other wood veneer, Urban Wallcovering is made specifically for wall covering treatments. Our wood veneer does not need to be stained, sanded, primed, or routed. Also, upon application our wood wallcovering does not expand, contract or bubble per correct installation. As thin as construction paper that becomes increasingly flexible with adhesive, Urban Wallcovering is in a wood veneer classification of its own. It is truly a cut above the rest. Urban Wallcovering provides an outlet for those who are in need of a creative wallcovering idea to those in need of a commercial wallcovering solution. "AA" Architectural-Grade veneer is the definitive wood wall covering for commercial and residential interiors, combining the beauty and versatility of real wood with outstanding performance and convenient installation. Urban Wallcovering is suitable for a wall, kitchen, bathroom, column, elevator and ceiling application. Backed by a Class "A" Fire Rating all wood wallcovering comes prefinished, numbered and book matched for easy installation. Just hang like vinyl wall paper and walk away! Please take a moment to scroll below to view all our wood veneer species. We look forward to working with you!